Do Women Find “Bearded Men” Attractive?


“Is having a beard more attractive than being clean shaven?” has been a debatable topic quite recently , especially within the women circle of 20s and above. Back then, the entrenched social norm was generally to be clean shaven as women yearned brow ridges and jawlines of men to be visible because it signaled the underlying health of them which acted as a positive investment for offspring production.

 Yet it is rather remarkable how having facial hair is becoming closer to the fore mentioned social norm in today’s world than a smooth hairless face.Possessing facial hair is now distinguished as a mark of manhood, symbol of maturity and social dominance and in simple terms, an insightful look because bearded men have something to scratch while they are thinking some “deep thoughts”.

Women’s preference over having a beard which can either be a light stubble,heavy stubble or a full beard changes with their own mating goals as this matter highly involves sexual attractiveness. For some it can be a turn on whilst to others it is a major turnoff.Either way, the common opinion within women is that they would prefer well groomed masculine characteristics.

To get the most accurate answer for this question we might have to psychologically dig a little deeper into the matter.

According to a research done by Neave and Shields in 2008 it was proven that women favoured men with light stubble both as their long and short term partners. Moreover it was proven that women find fully bearded men more attractive, aggressive, healthy with high parenting ability and socially mature.Specially men who are already in long term relationships are much benefited from having a full bearded look.

In the Journal of Evolutionary Biology , published in 2016 after the research done under the topic of the masculinity paradox:facial masculinity and beardedness interacts to determine women’s of men’s facial attractiveness opinions of 8520 women were analyzed to get a direct answer for this topic.It unveiled that having facial hair has a vital influence in a man’s sex appeal and to mark himself as a man,from boys and that full beard makes men more intimidating, strong and in a rugged kind of way that gives out the sense to women about their capability of fertility.

Yet, a correct amount of grooming is required when you have facial hair, because as much appealing as a beard can be , can always be an eyesore for women if it is not properly trimmed or maintained.Moreover, a bearded face requires properly selected, well-ordered and tidy attire to go with it to make you not seem like a homeless person.Most importantly, with heavy stubble or full beard it is important to pay attention to the hairstyle and select a decent hairstyle to go with beard.

Thus, it apparently well concludes that facial hair, specially light and heavy stubble demonstrate a positive personality which make a man stand out from the crowd and look overpowering.With a beard,the required amount of grooming,a sexy eye contact, a flirtatious touch and the right conversation topics, igniting a sexy appeal for women will never be too hard.