Beard Tips


Sporting a thick, luscious beard does not come easy and beard oils and balms alone won’t help you achieve this great dream. Before you start applying any products on your beard, it’s important to start at the fundamental – growing the much-desired beard. For the first four to six weeks, resist the urge to trim or style your beard in any way or form. Don’t groom it before you grow it.

Let it grow itself out evenly and allow you to freely pick a style that suits the thickness of the growth. Once you have a good face full of hair, learn the art of when and how to trim it to the style and length you want to maintain. A good quality trimmer is definitely a worthwhile investment, and follow some great tutorials to perfect the trimming technique. Cleanliness is also a must – you cannot leave food crumbs and dead skin in your beard. Wash your face and beard thoroughly using a cleanser and pat your face dry with a soft towel.

You can supplement your beard care routine with a good beard oil and comb through your beard regularly to help its overall shape and texture. Lastly, a good diet is key – without proper nutrition, you won’t be able to grow out the healthy beard that you’ve always wanted.

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