Beard Oil VS Beard Balm

It is now the era of the beard! With the increasing appreciation for a good face of hair, there a lot of products popping up in the beard care category. Beard oils and beard balms are some of them. But what’s the difference? Beard oils and beard balms both moisturize and help keep your beard hairs in place. But beard oils are the fundamental and must-have beard grooming product for you.

It works for all lengths of beard and all types of skin. Due to the liquid nature of beard oil, it allows for quick absorption into your beard, creating a matte finish rather than a glossy shine. It is especially beneficial for new beard patrons, as it helps treat flaky skin and reduces the new beard itch. But sporters of longer beards should not forego this product – a comb or a beard brush can come in handy for effective application. Beard balms, on the other hand, are ideal for men sporting medium to long beards but its superior moisturizing prowess means it also works wonders for dryer skin.

Beard balm is thicker than oil and takes longer to get absorbed in, meaning you’re left with a gleaming beard. The thickness of the balm also means it can even double as a mild styling product while keeping your hair healthy.